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Pelaku Judi Singapore BOBY Di Bekuk Reskrim Polsek Kawasan Muara Baru

Pelaku Judi Singapore BOBY Di Bekuk Reskrim Polsek Kawasan Muara Baru
WI I Jakarta, – 
The Muara Baru Regional Police Criminal Investigation Unit led by Iptu Criminal Investigation Unit Yudi Hermawan succeeded in rounding up Singapore gamblers in the courtyard of the Al Jami Al Bahrain Mosque, Sunda Kelapa Harbor, Jalan Raya Baruna No. 2 Ancol Kec. Pademangan North Jakara, said the head of Muara Baru Poksek, Aiptu Abd Jalal in the Minĝgu press (15/3).
According to the Criminal Investigation Unit Iptu Yudi Hermawan, explaining began on Saturday, March 14, 2020, approximately an hour. 10.30 WIB Wib Wib, a member of the Criminal Investigation Unit at Muara Baru District, conducted a gambling investigation around the Sunda Kelapa Harbor in North Jakarta and when investigating it was found that there was someone who received a Singapore Type Gambling partner named BOBY who was at the Al Jami Mosque Mosque in the Sunda Kelapa Harbor Pademangan Utara North Jakarta. 
He continued, when it was traced correctly that someone named BOBY was receiving a Singapore Type Gambling pair in the Jami Al Bahrain Mosque Page Sunda Kelapa Pademangan Harbor North Jakara, then members of the Criminal Unit made arrests of BOBY and when a search of BOBY’s body and clothes was found evidence in the form of 1 unit of Samsung brand type A70 black used for conducting gambling types of Singapore transactions. 
Furthermore, the perpetrators along with the evidence were taken to the North Jakarta Regional Police Office for further processing. For his actions the suspect is alleged to have violated article 303 of the Criminal Code on Gambling, he said again.
Meanwhile, the Police Chief of Muara Baru Area AKP. Slamet Riyanto confirmed the incident of gambling was arrested and appreciated the performance of its members who had succeeded in uncovering gambling cases, he said. (Benny P Silalahi)

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